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Choosing A Warehouse Shelving In Dubai, UAE - SJC General Trading

A shelving system can make or break your distribution center or warehouse. Even if you reclaim space or make some changes in an existing facility, you need to consider unique operating requirements and physical constraints before selecting a shelving system. SJCGT offers the best in class storage solutions in Dubai for your Warehouse Shelving In Dubai.

The Rack Selection Considerations

Consider the following points while selecting the warehouse shelving in Dubai.

  • Consider Storage Density
  • Selective pallet racks are ideal for those warehouses that require access to all the palletized items simultaneously.

    Drive-in racks are ideal for storing large amounts of homogeneous products that require large and one time moves.

    Cantilever racks are ideal for storing and retrieving products easily with varying lengths, weights and sizes.

    Mobile pallet racking are ideal for storage where building an extension is not possible and it efficiently utilizes the existing warehouse space.

  • Capacity
  • Weigh your heaviest pallet loads and get your system accordingly. This builds flexibility and safety in your storage system.

  • Environment
  • Your warehouse environment has an impact on the cost and type of rack selected. Consider warehouse climate and other special product handling needs.

  • Are You LIFO or FIFO?
  • Before selecting any storage system, you need to understand your requirements completely. You should consider pallet flow racks for if you need FIFO. You need to carefully evaluate your choices because stored loads may increase your material handling labour costs.

  • Consider Forklift Access
  • It is critical to select proper fork truck especially if you are using double deep or drive-in racks.These racks can increase the productivity, reduce damage to products, and can create a safer workplace.

  • Warehouse Lighting Scheme:
  • When lighting a warehouse, reduced rack damage, increased accuracy and improved work environment are the factors that must be considered.

    Contact SJCGT For Warehouse Shelving In Dubai

    SJC General Trading has given consideration to all the above points regarding Warehouse Shelving in Dubai . We provide storage solutions in Dubai including heavy duty shelving, industrial shelving, warehouse shelving and many more.We carry out structural calculations to make sure that you get the most cost-effective shelves. Contact us to speak how we can help your business.