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Steps For A Successful Project


Warehouse/ Project site Visit


Understand customer Requirement


Designing & Planning Solutions


Appropriate Product Selection


Submit Quotation


Order & Pay Online


Supply Delivery & Handover


Project management

Project Management


  1. Ensure all your Fire Exits are clear and accessible at all times
  2. Have documentation to demonstrate that your staff is trained to use MHE equipment safely.
  3. Have record to demonstrate your staff has the know how to work safely around racking systems.
  4. Make sure there is a system in place for reporting any damage to either the building or racking system.
  5. Display safe rack loading information on the racking system and ensure your staff adheres to it.
  6. All safety signage is in place including loading capacity signage
  7. Install appropriate Safety accessories for protection of people and assets on site.

Customers might require a storage solution once in a lifetime; however, we design storage solutions every day. With extensive experience behind us, we have developed a level of expertise for you to give you a solution to best suit your warehousing requirement. The quality of our design work is dependent on the discussion, which have taken place between our representative and your good self. Once you are satisfied with our design work you would be more than happy to work with SJC for all your warehousing needs. We develop options to choose from to give you the desired outcome from your warehouse. Site visit of our representative plays a very important role in the entire process, which helps us determine the requirement in terms of installation and delivery of material to your warehouse.

AS4084-2012 – Australia/New Zealand

RMI -MH16.1:2008 – America

BS -EN 15512:2009 – United Kingdom

FEM 10.2.04 – Europe (USER’S CODE)

EN 15635 & EN15620 – Europe

CSA A3441, 1-05 – Canada

At SJC we value your time as much as your do, our planned maintenance plans offer you peace of mind and protection of your investment. Our ongoing upkeep of your forklifts help detect problems before they turn into something that will negatively impact your business.

Preventative and periodic maintenance of your MHE as well as the use of genuine spare parts guarantee the long-term survival of capability and truck availability. SJC maintenance service helps you recognize and decrease the wear and tear of your equipment caused by high usage.

Our AMC at individually adapted intervals and up to date knowledge of our service engineers ensure that you have very little down time for your equipment and thereby reducing your down time and repair costs.

The SJC’s Project management team is a very flexible to service different types of solutions for different customers in the region. We can handle different size, complexity and location of projects.

We have the necessary resources and manpower to manage a project from start to finish and within a pre-determined deadline. We pride ourselves of the safety measures taken during the project.

For large projects we assign a project manager to facilitate the following:

  • Supervise the project from initiation to hand over
  • On-going communication with your management and our design team
  • Adhere to our agreed project timeline
  • Project and progress reports
  • On-site handling of design and installation issues.
  • Follow safe working practices to avoid mishaps.

To run each project smoothly there are supervisors to manage the semi-skilled workforce on site for installation requirements and adequate material flow to each area of the installation.

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  1. For customers who already have a approved design we offer 24 hours quotation service. Requirements of a certain size shall be dealt over email directly as this helps us reduce the time taken to process the same.

    In case of a new project, a member of our team will visit your offices to discuss the project and also arrange for follow up meetings as and when necessary to take forward the design and quote process. We prepare the design and ask for your approval before proceeding with the costing as even a small change in the layout leads to change in the pricing of the project.

Space planning activity is a process where our experts meet with your warehouse team to understand the products you want to store, to understand the movements of goods in your warehouse, to determine the equipment that can be used in the warehouse. This leads to an overall picture of your warehouse and your storage requirement, which is then interpreted by our design team to come up with a solution.

After gathering all the data it makes it easy to determine the type of solution that will be offered, drive in racking, selective pallet racking or other solutions available with SJC.

We pride ourselves to offer cost effective and workable storage solutions to our customers.

Each visit consists of:

  • Product – Measure and understands the product, how it comes packed or stored in your warehouse.
  • Site – Precise measurement of the warehouse with laser measures to avoid any mistakes in the design process of the solution.
  • Solution Design – We then design a best solution for your requirement, which is then discussed with the customer and explained in details how the solution will work for their operations.

We request our customers for various site visits at times to allow us to gather as much information on each site visit which then allows us to come up with specific solutions for your complex storage requirements

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