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Mezzanine System - SJC General Trading


Mezzanine Floor – AED 850 Per Sq Mts

the stated prices are approximate prices which may vary post warehouse survey and material availability. If you need further information, please let me know

Note: Minimum 50 Sq Mts


Mezzanine system allows you to change empty overhead space into usable storage area. Mezzanine system can be one, two or move levels depending on the available height of your warehouse.

Mezzanine systems are mainly utilized to level potential storage space without having to pay for expensive relocation or reconstruction costs. Modular design allows the structure to best fit your requirement because we never assume that one size fits all.

Mezzanine system can be combined with other kind of shelving in the floor to increase storage capacity. Whilst installing this system it does not affect any change in the structure at the surface level.

Heavy duty mezzanine floors come with a standard load bearing capacity of 300 Kgs/m2 going up to 1000 Kgs/m2 with a span of up to10 Mts. Installed with a high quality staircase, safety railing at exposed ends and pallet gates for product movement makes it a very economical solution as compared to concrete mezzanine floor.

A modular mezzanine system can be easily demounted relocated and reused.


  1. Economical solution than a concrete mezzanine
  2. Easy to build
  3. Modular design allows it to be demountable and reusable
  4. Easy to install in existing buildings
  5. Free standing – No connection to existing building system
  6. Minimal additional pressure on the foundation floor

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