Businesses quite often start small, investing in correspondingly compact warehouses or storage facilities in the beginning. When they start adding customers and their growth increases, the storage space becomes insufficient for the quantity of material that needs to be stored. When the requirement of more storage space arrives, options are either to find additional space in the current warehouse or to move to bigger premises. On the other side, there is a better option that works out more efficient from all perspectives – Mezzanine System. And SJCGT is there to give you warehouse storage solutions in Dubai .

Mezzanine Floor System

Mezzanine, a platform installed between the floor and the ceiling acts as a versatile, intelligent and hassle-free way that creates additional space in the warehouse. Mezzanine systems cannot be compared for their usefulness in warehouses, though they might be used in offices, retail outlets, production and other spaces. From the point of view of versatility, ease of assembly, cost-effectiveness, customizability and additional space creation, these are the best for businesses who are in need of additional storage space with minimum hassle.

These systems can be used for various purposes in industries making them adaptable and supremely versatile. You will get the Mezzanine System in Dubai at SJCGT in unmatched quality and reliability.

Benefits Of Mezzanine Floor System:

  • Creation of Extra Space:
  • Mezzanines are able to create an extra space in your warehouse to store crates, cartons, extra boxes and other equipment’s in shelves. By shifting the equipment’s to the mezzanine platform, floor space is free to be used as office space and for more storage.

  • Easy Installation:
  • One of the best benefits of mezzanine is that they can be installed easily. It doesn’t have elaborate construction materials, procedures and hence it’s hassle-free and easy to set up.

  • Non-Permanent Structure:
  • Mezzanines are free structures and can easily be erected, dismantled, shifted and relocated to another place. This is not possible with permanent and concrete structures.

  • Cost-Effective Storage Solution:
  • It’s a cost effective storage solution as compared to a concrete and fixed solution.

  • Highly Customized:
  • Mezzanine floors can be customized with different floor options. A customized design accommodates almost any component, design and load characteristics.

Mezzanines are a boon for enterprises who are looking to expand their storage capacities. If you are among those enterprises, rely on SJCGT for Mezzanine System in Dubai because our mezzanines comes with all the above advantages and will improve your storage solution.