Safety is a major concern for any storage facility, factory or warehouse. It is therefore important to keep your products together and organized where they need to be. For keeping their facilities and workers safe, everyone has their own strategies. There is actually a few ways to merge these two and help your warehouse get organized for both safety and cleanliness.

SJCGT offers best in class storage solutions in Dubai . Below is some of the most common safety hazards and how you can keep your warehouse clean and prevent accidents in the process.

Working At Height

The stored items at an improper height is one of the most frequently encountered safety issues. Using proper racking system dubai and ensuring that the items are kept at appropriate height will help in freeing up valuable space for large products. And prevent injury and strain on your workers by keeping the products at a safe height and posture.

High Stacked Items

If you are using a lot of vertical storage, of course you run the risk of stacking too high. This leads to a lot of issues like unbalanced storage and preventing sprinklers from effectively working in fire. Ensure that you are keeping any of your vertically stacked storage at a height that is easily accessible by your staff. To reduce the risk of toppling, do not stack too high.

Cluttered Aisles

Poor housekeeping is another common and big safety hazard. Although the mess does not seem big, or if you do not think there is many other places for them to go, it is crucial to keep the frequently travelled area free of obstruction and clutter. You need to ensure that you have enough racking system dubai to keep everything out of the way and up to prevent accidents. Keep the needed walkways clear, especially to fire escapes, entrances and exits.

Unmanaged Cords

Cords and wires, whether in an office or on the shop floor can create a huge potential for tripping and fire hazard. You need to limit the use of extension cords. To keep the area safe, many desktop organizers can be used in management areas or in offices to gather up things like USB chargers and electronic devices.

SJCGT offer total, end to end solutions to companies having distribution, storage and logistics management requirements. You can rely on us for your warehouse racking system dubai.