Selective Pallet racking is the most commonly used pallet racking system in use today. Selective pallet racking typically comes in a roll formed clip in configuration. Also know as adjustable pallet racking system. This is perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking system providing 100% safe storage reaching up to 11 Mts in height.

Selective pallet racking system can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight. Selective racking can be used in conjunction with all types of material handling equipment most commonly being a counter balance, a reach truck or a very narrow aisle truck.

Wide ranges of accessories are also available to accommodate non-standard loads in selective pallet racking, like mesh decking, pallet support bars among others.

Benefits of selective pallet racking system

  1. 100% Selectivity
  2. Excellent order picking
  3. Good stock rotation
  4. Limited pallet redundancy as the system can run at 95% capacity, with a competent WMS (Warehouse Management System)
  5. Popular storage solution across various industries which require instant access to all pallets
  6. Low floor utilization
  7. Commonly used MHE for selective racking system

A. Counter Balance or Reach Truck

  1. Reach Truck operation offers upto 30% improved floor space and can operates to a height of 11 Mts

B. Ride on or walk behind stackers

  1. Warehouse will low height can use stacker to reduce the aisle width thereby increasing capacity without compromising the floor space.

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