Multi-tier racking system is optimum solution for manual storage at different levels of the racking system. This is very effective in a warehouse with available height but not width.

This is a selective storage system, which allows 100% access to all unit loads. Multi-tier system provides excellent maximization of height by creating different aisle levels high that can be accessed by stairs or electronic lift.

The system is designed using heavy duty racking system with built in walkways thereby creating multiple manual picking lanes at different levels. Multi-tier structure offers improved utilization of height in comparison to a traditional mezzanine. It is ideal for storing cartons, boxes and garments.

Various accessories like Mesh panels on storage levels can give you additional flexibility to store different SKU’s with different sizes and yet have the flexibility of operation in terms of storing and collection goods at different picking levels


  1. Utilize the full height of the building
  2. Optimizes floor space
  3. Multiple order picking at different levels
  4. Allows for combination of pallet storage and small goods storage
  5. Eliminates the need for conventional mezzanine floors.

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