Mobile Pallet Racking System

Mobile pallet racking system comprises of individual racks mounted of mobile bases. Mobile racking system can increase storage capacity by over 40% compared to conventional static racks without compromising on selectivity.

The mobile bases are power driven and can be controlled using hand held device which can be mounted on the forklift or with a WMS for effective picking order. Mobile bases run on rails, which are accurately laid in the floor.

Mobile pallet racking is an optimal solution for storage where building an extension is not possible or simply better utilize the existing warehouse storage space more efficiently.

Mobile bases running on rails which are laid in the floor have a capacity to carry bay loads of up to 24 Tons at a racking height reaching 12 Mts., with runs up to 90 Mts. possible.

State of the art sensor technology and variable control options allow for individual aisle operation with absolute safety and ease of operation.
With wide variety of accessories available mobile pallet racking is suitable for any kind of warehouse goods storage. It can operate in cold stores with temperature as low as -30 Celsius with guaranteed operational safety.

Benefits of Mobile Pallet Racking System

  1. Good order picking 100% selectivity
  2. Very popular in high cost environment. i.e cold stores due to increased capacity
  3. Maximum use of floor space – single operation aisle
  4. Increase in capacity by 40% as against conventional pallet racking
  5. Good occupancy rates help in reducing energy bills in cold stores
  6. Modular design helps in adapting to any requirement
  7. Average aisle opening time 40 seconds, racks open in cascade movement allowing up to 7-8 double entry racks to be serviced by 1 MHE

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