Heavy Duty Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking system is ideal for storing long, irregular and mix loads, like pipes for oil & gas Industry, Cables for various industrial use among other uses. It is designed to maximize your storage space while giving you easy access to your products. With cantilever racks you can work by safest storage and working practice. […]

Drive In Racking System

Drive In / Drive Through racking system provides maximum storage capacity using minimum space. Drive in racking system is particularly suited to store very large quantities of homogeneous enzyme products. Drive in racking system consists of continues lanes of racking with only a single loading and retrieval aisle. Drive in Racking operates on the basis […]

Double Deep Racking System

A derivative of selective racking pallet racking system, the double deep racking system requires the use of specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to a regular reach truck. Whilst achieving an increase in storage capacity by 30% in comparison to selective pallet racking, its selectivity of pallets drops by 50%. This provides an excellent […]

Mobile Pallet Racking System

Mobile pallet racking system comprises of individual racks mounted of mobile bases. Mobile racking system can increase storage capacity by over 40% compared to conventional static racks without compromising on selectivity. The mobile bases are power driven and can be controlled using hand held device which can be mounted on the forklift or with a […]

Multi Tier Racking System

Multi-tier racking system is optimum solution for manual storage at different levels of the racking system. This is very effective in a warehouse with available height but not width. This is a selective storage system, which allows 100% access to all unit loads. Multi-tier system provides excellent maximization of height by creating different aisle levels […]

Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective Pallet racking is the most commonly used pallet racking system in use today. Selective pallet racking typically comes in a roll formed clip in configuration. Also know as adjustable pallet racking system. This is perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking system providing 100% safe storage reaching up to 11 Mts […]

Very Narrow Aisle Racking

Pallet racking industry has gone through incredible changes with the passage of time as the demand and requirement for effective storage due to high cost of land and construction of warehouses. With constant increase in the height of warehouses racking systems have been developed to reach 15mts in height. Special equipment is required to work […]