On the two continuous rails the load units are stored on the racking depth one after the other with the help ofdrive-in racking system Dubai, UAE. While retrieving or stacking products and or pallets in the racking bay, high caution must be observed. This kind of racking requires the forklift operator to drive in the racking system to withdraw or store pallets. With last in first out method (LIFO), the racking is serviced only from single side in case of drive-in racking system. Whereas, in case of drive-through racking system, it is easy to stack goods on one side and simultaneously one can retrieve items from the other side which is also commonly known as first in first out (FIFO) method.

Drive-In and Drive-Thru Racking Systems is suitable for heavy loads

Drive-Thru and Drive-in racking system Dubai UAE are the terms, which are often used interchangeably. It can be difficult to differentiate between these two racking systems in some environment.

The drive-in rack there is only one opening so the operator has to drive into the racking system and remove pallets from the same entry point. To identify aDrive-in racking system Dubai, UAE its LIFO inventory management is a simplest way. Because of the single entry and exit point, the products in the drive-in racks are rotated in as last in, first out inventory manner. The only draw of such drive-in rack system is that pallets are stored in a back to back manner without aisles for exceptionally dense storage due to its extremely efficient storage concentration. For the products, which are not date sensitive or SKU’s with large batch production sizes, which require storage in temperature-controlled areas, this style or system is an excellent solution. Food industries with cold store operation are the most common users of Drive in and Drive Through racking system.

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SJCGT offers highest quality Racking System and stocks a wide range of otherStorage solutions in Dubai . SJC General Trading offers you many variations of Drive-Thru/Drive-in racking system Dubai UAE. The rails in the Drive in/Drive Thru rack allows pallets to slide in front of each other easily. Each bay has a pallet stopper on the rails at the end to avoid product and or pallet falling at the back. Extra safety measures should be taken while operating the drive-in rack because of it high-density storage. The drive-in rack must be checked for damages regularly and any part of the racking system, which has been damaged, should be replaced as soon as noticed.