A derivative of selective racking pallet racking system, the double deep racking system requires the use of specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to a regular reach truck.

Whilst achieving an increase in storage capacity by 30% in comparison to selective pallet racking, its selectivity of pallets drops by 50%. This provides an excellent method of increasing warehouse capacity when alternative-racking system such as drive in racking is not a feasible option due to the mix and volume of SKU’s, which require storing in the warehouse.

This is also a very common system used in many 3PL warehouses where 2 back-to-back pallets can be stored or accessed from the same position in the aisle. To access the rear pallet the material handling equipment has to come fitted with a special attachment called as a pantograph extender. Double deep racking system in a warehouse gives you high-density storage at a lower initial capital cost when compared with other high-density storage systems.


  1. 130% increase in storage capacity as compared to Selective racking system
  2. 2Low initial capital investment
  3. 3Effective in certain 3PL operations

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