The awkwardly sized or bulky shaped products can be safely accessed and stored usingcantilever racking system in Dubai as this type of racking is ideal for loads which require no obstruction at the pick face. With this type of racking you don’t need to waste the horizontal space of your warehouse with awkward columns and posts obstructing storage areas, because it allows you to use the space more efficiently. The building materials, rolls, furniture, pipes, metal sheets, electronic appliances among other are best suited to such kind of racking systems. A cantilever racking is the ideal choice for you if in essence you have irregularly shaped items.

Easy Way Of Using Cantilever Rack Systems

The adjustable arm height allows you to use the maximum amount of vertical storage, which can be easily adjusted to your existing as well as new facility. The storage arms in the cantilever racking system in Dubai may vary in capacity and depth depending on the load type. SJC General Trading provides you variety of options for cantilever racking for storing long loads and all other types of UPVC or metal extrusions. The designing technology used by us guarantees a bespoke racking and shelving design service and matches the individual requirement of our customers.
In terms of technical innovation and capability, our cantilever racking system in Dubai UAE lead the field, which is manufactured to allow a very simple and highly effective arm and base connection.

Following Are The Benefits And Features Of Cantilever System In Dubai

  • Column design has allowed excellent adjustable storage height with maximum aid to storage.

  • The manufacturing of uprights columns with double sided punching offers the standard option for future conversion with single or double sided racking.
  • For products to assist loading, tapered cantilever arm allows increased clearance.

While talking with one of our technical representative, you will get such important information that will aid you. Thecantilever racking systems in Dubai puts hard to store accessories or objects into a systematic way where they are easily accessible. Such type of racking is a perfect solution for storing long and heavy packs of materials. We design the cantilever racks for our customers based on their specific requirements with a wide range of arm lengths, height and upright spacing.

So, now as you are thinking of getting one for you, why not order from SJC General Trading? SJC General Trading is an eminent provider ofstorage solutions in Dubai .